How to Manage Physician Behavioral Issues and Potential Impairment

In this dynamic presentation with Drs. Cohn and Burroughs, participants will learn:

  • The impact of conduct on patient outcomes
  • How to address behavioral issues and potential impairments when preventive actions do not work
  • A surgeon’s journey from being a problem to solving problems


And another tandem talk offering with Dr Cohn and Dr Burroughs:

The Medical Staff of the Future

In this dynamic three hour presentation with Drs. Cohn and Burroughs, participants will learn:

  • Why the medical staff is rapidly evolving
  • How the organized medical staff inter-relates with management

What the medical staff of the future is and how it will operate


Dr Jonathan Burroughs

Jonathon Burroughs

Dr Burroughs is President and CEO of The Burroughs Healthcare Consulting Network, Inc. and works with some of the nation’s top healthcare consulting organizations to provide ‘best practice’ solutions and training to healthcare organizations throughout the country in the areas of governance, physician–hospital alignment strategies, credentialing, privileging, peer review and performance improvement/patient safety, medical staff development planning, strategic planning, physician performance and behavior management as well as ways in which physicians and management can work together in new ways to solve quality, safety, operational, and financial challenges.

Dr. Kenneth Cohn

Ken CohnTo the best of his knowledge, Dr. Cohn is the only practicing general surgeon/MBA in the US who speaks, consults, writes, and teaches about physician-hospital relations. Using real-life stories from his work in 42 states, he demonstrates ways that collaboration improves retention and clinical and financial outcomes.  His four books, Better Communication for Better Care, Collaborate for Success, The Business of Healthcare, and Getting It Done, have sold over 5,000 copies.   Dr. Cohn has been mentoring physicians in leadership development over a decade, finding that they enjoy learning from a fellow practicing physician.


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