Book Dr. Cohn to Speak

Dr. Kenneth Cohn is a passionate educator who has brought dividends of improved collaboration to communities in 41 states where he has worked.  When you book Dr. Cohn to speak at your organization, you get:

  • A surgeon, MBA, speaker, author, and cancer survivor with a gift for connecting with people
  • Discussion that facilitates collaboration
  • An action plan to improve care for your community

Please watch a brief two-minute video to assist with planning your next meeting.

All of Dr. Cohn’s programs are customized to fit your individual needs.  Past programs that have exceeded audience expectations include:

Client Comments

  • Dr Cohn is an expert on physician and management collaboration. His presentation was a perfect fit for our group: dynamic, practical and packed with insight into how to overcome barriers and use new approaches to align ourselves for better outcomes and improved relationships.
  • Some of the comments were: “Very Energetic Speaker”; “Great Communication Tips”; “Great Presentation”; “The information and the way it was presented by Dr Cohn were thought-provoking and interesting”; “Great Motivator”; “Provided very useful info and insight in an entertaining way;” “Wonderful! And very thought provoking info”; “Wow, thank you for this growth opportunity;” “Great Speaker and very knowledgeable and well versed” ; “Very engaging.” – Janet Pursley, RN, BSN, MBA, Mercy Advanced Health Management Institute Executive Director
  • My greatest appreciation for your participation in the Physician Summit! You delivered beautifully! I have heard great compliments about your ‘down to earth’ style and ‘to the point’ message you brought. The doctors connected with you and were able to see themselves in it. The stories were perfect! I couldn’t be more pleased! – Herdley O. Paolini, Ph.D., L.P., Director, Physician Support Services, Florida Hospital
  • Thanks for your tremendous contribution to our retreat this past weekend. I have had several people mention how informative and useful your presentation, “Physician-Hospital Integration: Moving from Me to We,” was to them, especially in light of the changes we are seeing in our industry and in relation to where we are with our strategic imperatives. We could not have registered the level of success achieved without you.- G. Mark O’Bryant, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Inc.
  • Dr Cohn’s presentation “Making Sense of Healthcare Reform” provided important information on healthcare reform, implications of Accountable Care Organizations, and ways to provide more coordinated, cost-effective care for our community.
    Participants commented: “Dr Cohn is an excellent speaker”; “Valuable discussion”; “Interesting, thought provoking”; “Move forward with ideas presented;” “Well done, need more.” Dr. Cohn can be a valuable resource to any organization interested in preparing itself for an uncertain but no doubt challenging future. –Daniel Rissi, MD VP/Chief Medical and Clinical Operations Officer