Client Comments

The impact of culture on quality, safety, innovation and our ability to navigate a healthcare organization through turbulent times can not be understated. In the future, I see even greater need for this kind of work, and I consider you a pioneer, I am happy that our paths crossed and hope that they do again.

Anne Meisner, MSRN, FACHE, CEO
Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center

Our members are now equipped to lead strategic financial conversations with physicians as a result of your program to lead the movement from volume to value. We look forward to having you back to help us advance our learning.

Norilina Harvel
President, Idaho HFMA

Dr. Kenneth Cohn worked with our medical group to optimize our onboarding experience, make physicians more comfortable in their new positions, and improve retention.
Ken met with our mentors and mentees to discuss our needs and get feedback on what was and was not working. He then spent a full day working with us to explore reasons for physician dissatisfaction, effective leadership strategies, and the characteristics of good mentors. Following Ken’s visit, we developed specific guidelines for the mentors and feedback tools for mentors and mentees, with his feedback.
Dr. Cohn gave us the tools to develop and maintain an effective mentorship program. We are already getting very positive feedback from our new physicians. I would highly recommend Dr. Cohn to you as a valuable resource and facilitator.
Paul Driscoll, M.D., Medical Director, Franciscan Physician Network

Dr. Paul Driscoll
Franciscan Physician Network

Your programs are most certainly following the most comprehensive, on-going debates as related to the movements in health exchanges, more quality at the bedside and new physician/administrative models. Keep up these on-going quality newsletters. Cordially, Bert Jablon, New York State Public Health Association and part-time health care mentor, Empire State College, Old Westbury, New York.

Bert Jablon
New York State Public Health Association

As a result of our work together, I have evolved from the command-and-control model that I learned in medical school and residency to a style based on active listening and a more democratic-coaching model. I am much more skilled at explaining the rationale and benefits to others than during residency, when I used a do-it-faster-myself style.

I used to avoid conflict-laden situations, especially those that involved confrontation. Now, I am more comfortable initiating the process of discovery and being part of the process of change in my organization.

Thanks for the energy, insight, and integrity that you brought to the process. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Brian Hansen, Executive Medical Director
ABCM Corporation

Ken has proven himself to be very able to work with disaffected
doctors. He's a practicing surgeon himself which gives him
credibility with the docs, and he can get angry, non-communicative
physicians to open up.

Dr. Robert Reid
Santa Barbara Cottage Health System

Dr. Cohn’s participation in our recent Medical Staff Leadership Retreat exceeded my expectations. From the moment that we engaged his services, he actively sought to understand our system, our physicians, and our priorities in order to craft a program that was very effective in engaging the physicians and administrators to work collaboratively during challenging times toward a common vision. Our physicians found Dr. Cohn to be “very knowledgeable” and appreciated his “excellent examples” and “nice, conversational approach”. We are now moving forward to create a Hospital Physician Compact and following through on the priorities that we set together at the retreat. I am looking forward to ongoing dialogue and support from Dr. Cohn.

Dr. Allison Oprandi
Aultman Hospital

When you left that day to go home, I felt like I could conquer the world with the information that you had armed me with. I shall forever remain grateful to you for your consulting. It was over-the-top excellent advice. Your consulting group did your job and more. You helped me and the hospital a great deal. Business relationships that are good-to-the-core are hard to come by. Thanks Ken, for all your advice and continued friendship. I enjoyed spending time with you, getting to know you, in our world.

Dallas Mayer, Board Member
Memorial Hospital of Texas County

I applaud your efforts to help those of us in the trenches accomplish our personal career goals and help our patients- which is the central reason society has given us the honor and privilege of being doctors.

Frank E. Johnson, M.D., FACS
Professor of Surgery
St. Louis University

Dr. Kenneth Cohn worked with 5 change-challenged groups of physicians in oncology, general surgery, orthopedics, radiology and Family Practice to help them improve communication within their sections and come to consensus on a vision for the future and implementation planning.

Ken’s grounding in clinical surgery, which he maintains by providing locum tenens coverage in New England, allowed him to build trust and credibility rapidly. He used humor effectively to decrease tension and to maintain perspective and accomplished things that none of us would have thought possible. For example, he taught a surgeon-tyrant to express anger using “I” messages rather than his traditional “you” messages.

Ken used software creatively to summarize large amounts of information succinctly and clearly and to communicate complex points visually rather than just using words. He updated senior leadership with minutes on meetings that he chaired, which we enjoyed reading because he summarized the most important points on a single page. Because of his talent and enjoyment of challenging tasks, the CEO asked Ken to draft a vision statement for the hospital.

However, Ken’s work was not limited to qualitative measures. His ability to model on a spreadsheet the different options for surgical block time among three competing groups of general surgeons allowed them to reach consensus within 40 minutes on a task which had eluded them in the past.

In short, Ken made significant progress with all groups with whom he met. Senior leadership, physicians, and nurses enjoyed working with him immensely. Ken is a warm, highly talented physician-consultant, who truly enjoys connecting with people and does so with consummate skill. I would be delighted to recommend Ken without reservation for subsequent assignments involving the need for physicians to work more interdependently with colleagues and management.

Michael E. Peetz, M.D., FACS
Assistant Administrator for Clinical Affairs
North Colorado Medical Center

Kenneth H. Cohn, M.D., led a consulting project at my institution during 2005 and 2006. We were in a situation where we needed to consolidate two campuses for both economic and quality improvement.

Ken showed us a way to start an interface of physicians and hospital executives, alerting physicians to the complexity of running a hospital and helping hospital executives feel more comfortable engaging practicing physicians. In addition, even though I have been in Hospital Administration for many years, I now have a better understanding of the complexities physicians face and how to communicate with them with their concerns more in mind.

For the first time in our history, we now have a road map written by a consensus of our top clinicians; we also have identified several previously unidentified physician leaders who can help us go forward. Ken facilitated both processes.

Ken accomplished what he did in an atmosphere of integrity and sensitivity, increasing trust and transparency from the physician and hospital administrator perspectives.

Thomas Gagen, CEO
Sutter Medical Center Sacramento

Dr. Cohn was asked to lead our Board’s hospital/physician retreat with the goal being to improve physician-physician and physician-hospital relationships, a sensitive and vital mission. I can honestly say that as a result of his efforts we substantially exceeded our expectations.

Bob Shaffner, Board Chair
Randolph Hospital

I am currently chief of staff at a 350-bed hospital that has been bleeding red ink for two years. In ten months, we lost 20% of our hospital governing board, fired our CEO and CMO and hired a new CEO. I realized in my first year that I needed an experienced guide to help me with basic survival and to use my experiences for personal and professional growth.

Ken has been a tremendously valuable resource. He has made himself available when crises loom. His calm objectivity and talent for re-framing issues have helped me find my way forward, and, at times, I am amazed at how much better equipped I feel to deal with my daily duties as a medical staff officer.

Debra Morley, M.D.

Just a quick note to thank you again for being a part of the recent Community Hospital 100 conference in Pinehurst, North Carolina. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you at the social events, but I was especially pleased to be in the audience for your presentation. While not a doctor nor administrator, I could certainly appreciate the theories behind many of the strategies that you discussed in your presentation. The case studies you shared really added credence to the ideas you offered. Keep up the good work!

Mike Totsch
Tec Inc. Engineering & Design

Thank you for the excellent presentations you gave on October 12th & 13th. You connected with our staff on many levels concerning the importance of communication and collaboration between physicians and the hospital. I know that Dr. Joel Feldman, our Chief of Surgery, wants to engage your talents for a unique, dedicated surgeons’ retreat.

Physicians, from St. Vincent Indianapolis, St. Vincent Carmel, St. Vincent Heart Center, St. John’s Hospital, Anderson, Seton Specialty Hospital Indianapolis, and St. Joseph in Kokomo, benefited from your presentation as a surgeon and businessman. Administrators & board members appreciated your perspective on hospitals and health care in general.

James L. Nevin Jr. MD, FACEP
Medical Staff President
St. Vincent Health System

Thanks very much for facilitating our retreat on improving physician engagement.
It meant a lot to our physicians to hear the stories that you told about physicians throughout the US who faced similar challenges and to know that there are bottom-up solutions that they can adopt.

You do great work. I look forward to our continuing work together.-

Jim Krauss, President
RMH Healthcare