Collaborative Pride

I entitled this post “Collaborative Pride” as a tribute to my mentor Tom Atchison who is teaching the online seminar Physician Alignment: Dos and Taboos, in which I have had the pleasure of participating. The third week focuses on his 2006 book, Leadership’s Deeper Dimensions, which encourages us to measure employee pride rather than satisfaction through a ten-step questionnaire, measured on a 1-5 scale (p.39):

  1. I have a sense of loyalty to my organization
  2. I identify with my organization
  3. I think about the future of my organization
  4. I regret that I chose to work for this organization
  5. I do extra work here because I want this organization to succeed
  6. I feel that I share in the success and failure of my organization
  7. I have a sense of ownership in this organization
  8. It would take very little for me to move to another organization
  9. I take pride in being part of this organization
  10. I am challenged often to achieve more

Collaborative Pride: Rationale

Pride results from meeting meaningful challenges, which boosts mutual trust and respect. It may be difficult to quantitate, but we feel motivated when we feel trusted, respected, proud, and take joy in coming into work.

As always, I welcome your input to improve healthcare collaboration where you work.  Please send me your comments and suggestions for improvement.

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