Collaborative Reality

Recently, Jeff Goldsmith commented in H&HN Daily that physicians and hospital executives are like Mars and Venus, alluding to John Gray’s book about differences between men and women.

Collaborative Reality: Where We Agree

I agree with his points that in general we physicians are:

  •  competitive and empirical
  • caring about the people and families we care for

Collaborative Reality: Where We Differ

However, I think that too much is made of the generational differences: millenials, gen Y, gen X, and baby boomers all care about making their time count. In fact, a great way to engage physicians of all generations is to ask them, “What are your greatest time-wasters, and how can we help?” If they point out a function that is necessary, they may work with you to improve the system, provided you achieve results in a timely fashion. Quick wins are important in building transparency and trust.

Also, I do not believe that physicians are a different species. Both administrators and physicians generally have chosen healthcare careers to make a difference in patients’ lives. The collaborative reality is that we can overcome differences in training, outlook, and beliefs by focusing on the why and listening actively about ways that differences in the how can lead to improved patient care outcomes.

In Collaborative Champions, I mention that physician champions are outstanding clinicians who have earned the respect of their peers by caring for patients in a consistent and reliable fashion, delivering great clinical outcomes.  They are the people we turn to when we need medical care.  They are also seasoned professionals looking to leverage their knowledge and experience to improve care for their community.  Possible roles for physician champions include:

  • Presenting and discussing clinical data with fellow physicians
  • Minimizing physician-hospital battles
  • Creating a safe environment for learning
  • Helping to build transparency and trust

As always, I welcome your input to improve healthcare collaboration where you work.  Please send me your comments and suggestions for improvement.

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