Delivering value across the full care continuum: A transformative hospital imperative

During this informative session led by Mr. Peyser and Dr. Cohn, participants will learn:

  • How to energize providers to collaborate, coordinate and transition patient care
  • Essentials for hospital organizations to promote wellness and population health
  • Ways health systems can save money while providing a complete array of services

Mr. Neal Peyser

Neal PeyserFor almost three decades, Mr. Peyser has served as a trusted strategic business advisor to healthcare CEOs, executive management, and boards to boost revenues, cut expenses and improve clinical outcomes.  He offers practical, field-tested business strategies that foster confidence and ensure success in rapidly changing times.   Mr. Peyser’s experience includes serving as a Company Executive, Consultant, Clinic Manager and Practitioner across health services, medical school, research and government sectors.

Dr Kenneth Cohn

Ken CohnTo the best of his knowledge, Dr. Cohn is the only practicing general surgeon/MBA in the US who speaks, consults, writes, and teaches about physician-hospital relations. Using real-life stories from his work in 42 states, he demonstrates ways that collaboration improves retention and clinical and financial outcomes.  His four books, Better Communication for Better Care, Collaborate for Success, The Business of Healthcare, and Getting It Done, have sold over 5,000 copies.   Dr. Cohn has been mentoring physicians in leadership development over a decade, finding that they enjoy learning from a fellow practicing physician.


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