Learn from Experts with A Proven Successful Track Record

Getting it Done

Do you feel buffeted by the storm winds of disruptive change, as:

  • State and federal regulations demand increased transparency, with public reporting of outcomes
  • Reimbursement metrics start to shift from fee-for-service to more value-based, bundled measures
  • Consumers obtain more healthcare data from the Internet, regardless of its accuracy
  • Physicians struggle to make a living as office expenses increase and reimbursement decreases, expecting their hospitals to help them

Can you imagine hospitals where healthcare professionals work interdependently to improve clinical outcomes, boost revenues, and cut expenses?

You don’t need to imagine such a situation, because it exists. Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn, a Harvard-trained practicing surgeon and cancer survivor, has co-edited a new book, with Steven Fellows, a practicing Chief Operating Officer. Getting It Done: Experienced Healthcare Leaders Reveal Field-Tested Strategies for Clinical and Financial Success. This ground-breaking book features national experts, such as:

  • Jeff Fried in California, who cut the death rate from sepsis (overwhelming bacterial infection) by over 50% without adding any new drugs, working with middle managers and nurses to redesign care pathways
  • Stan Mandel in North Carolina, who turned around his moribund operating room culture in just 18 months to improve case volume, morale, revenues, on-time starts, and perioperative antibiotic compliance
  • Anand Joshi in New York, who collaborated with cardiologists and supply procurement personnel to consolidate vendors and decrease clinical variability, saving his hospital system over $5 million in implant costs

Regardless of the outcome of national healthcare legislation, pressure is mounting on healthcare professionals to provide more cost-effective, coordinated care.

Working smarter, not harder, is the answer. Getting It Done fills a critical knowledge gap as it shares the hard-earned lessons of healthcare professionals who removed roadblocks to clinical and financial excellence.

Physician engagement and collaboration are the common theme of these stories. Administrators, physicians, and nurses provide firsthand accounts of how they worked together to overcome obstacles and transform care for their communities.

Tap The Wisdom & Experience of Healthcare Leaders Who:

  • Accelerated physician adoption of electronic health records;
  • Cut mortality from sepsis
  • Facilitated physician-physician and physician-hospital dialogue
  • Transformed the culture of the operating room
  • Developed a successful ED-call pay program
  • Cut costs using strategic supply cost management

Use the strategies, tactics, and tools in this book to tackle similar challenges in your organization with greater speed, confidence, and success. Each chapter describes a real-life dilemma, distills the lessons learned, and provides step-by-step guidance, so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.