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Vision of the Association for Healthcare Collaboration

I founded the Association for Healthcare Collaboration to put everything that busy healthcare professionals need to know about healthcare collaboration under one URL.  The Virtuous Circle of Healthcare Collaboration Collaboration is an underutilized strategy to boost performance.  It appeals to all stakeholders, once they understand its rationale, because of its data-driven, outcome-focused approach to improving care […]

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Collaborative Roots

Last week, I had the pleasure of returning to my professional roots and speaking with a group of physicians in private practice about ways that they could build a culture of collaboration from the ground up. After my talk, two physicians asked important questions: Do we really need to pay attention to Accountable Care Organizations?  […]

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Healthcare Collaboration: A Vision

The word "collaborate" conveys two meanings.  One derived from the Latin "collaborare," means to work together.  The other connotes partnering with people who are not trustworthy, as in "collaborating with the enemy." In this and subsequent blogs, let’s explore this duality and how we can move from viewing life as a series of "us-versus-them" battles […]

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