21st Century Healthcare Economics: How Will My Practice Change in This Era of Transformation?

  • Are disgruntled doctors becoming a larger and more vocal part of your workforce?
  • Are you facing challenges in moving from fee-for-service to more quality-based outcomes
  • Do you need authentic physician engagement now more than ever?
  • Can your physicians benefit from learning communication and teamwork skills from a fellow practicing physician that they were not taught during medical school, residency, or fellowship training?
Outline of the talk

Using the classic Greek definition of economics as getting one’s house in order and building community, Dr. Cohn poses the scenarios of fee-for-service ending, bundled payments increasing, and documentation and transparency becoming destiny.

He makes a case for why we need to act now and then paves the way for fellow practicing physicians to build on their leadership styles and work more interdependently in complex environments where (like child-rearing) doing things the same way does not necessarily lead to the same, predictable outcomes.

He asks them to reflect on what they do well, the benefits they provide, and the areas of their life that are passion-driven as a way to reinvent themselves and reconnect with what led them to pursue careers in healthcare in the first place

Participants will learn:

  • Possible responses to disruptive change
  • Leadership skills that build team cohesion
  • A framework for finding one’s niche
  • Peak performance skills for moving beyond malaise

At the end of a presentation, seven different healthcare professionals came up and thanked him, all using the same adjective, “inspirational.”