Optimize Your Physician On-Boarding Experience

  • Do you want your doctors to have a smooth transition into their practices?
  • Could your established physicians do a better job mentoring your new physicians?
  • Would your physicians benefit from working with a fellow practicing physician who has experience in this setting?

Practice entry can be stressful for physicians and their spouses. Physicians enjoy learning from fellow physicians.  Having an experienced mentor can reduce anxiety, improve job satisfaction, and foster physician retention. The sooner physicians are comfortable in their new positions, the sooner they become productive members of their group and provide the high-quality care that patients expect.

Physician turnover costs you thousands of dollars in search costs and lost revenue. Optimize your physician on-boarding experience today.

Dr. Kenneth Cohn worked with our medical group to develop a successful physician mentorship program. We had identified a need to provide experienced mentors for our new physicians to optimize their onboarding experience, make them more comfortable in their new positions, and improve retention.

Ken met with our mentors and mentees to discuss our needs and get feedback on what was and was not working. He then spent a full day working with us to explore reasons for physician dissatisfaction, effective leadership strategies, and the characteristics of good mentors. Following Ken’s visit, we developed specific guidelines for the mentors and feedback tools for mentors and mentees, with his feedback.

Dr. Cohn gave us the tools to develop and maintain an effective mentorship program. We are already getting very positive feedback from our new physicians. I would highly recommend Dr. Cohn to you as a valuable resource and facilitator.

Paul Driscoll, M.D., Medical Director, Franciscan Physician Network

Dr Cohn’s Brief Bio

Dr Cohn is a board-certified practicing general surgeon/ MBA who divides his time providing general surgical coverage in New England and working with physicians and hospitals to improve clinical and financial performance.

He averages seventy-five mentoring conversations each year with physicians and their spouses as a speaker, consultant, and member of the SEAK faculty. He is author of The Lifelong Iterative Process of Physician Retention [Journal of Healthcare Management; 54 (4): 220-226, 2009] which highlighted his experience helping Banner Medical Group develop a physician on-boarding program that dropped physician turn-over from 10% to zero.