Mentoring Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Kenneth Cohn specializes in mentoring healthcare professionals to improve performance in times of uncertainty and rapid change. He offers one-on-one mentoring services to clients facing transition to a new business-model or service path, including starting a new business, strategic planning, networking, embracing change, and/or facilitating collaboration.

Dr. Cohn will assist you with setting goals, needs, and priorities and work with you to develop a step-by-step plan that will provide you clarity about:

  • what your business entails
  • how to scale your marketing, sales, and operations to fit your growing needs
  • pitfalls to avoid that can rob you of time and money

Through a close mentoring relationship, Dr. Cohn will be a guide at your side, helping you write a focused business plan, research applicable markets, and articulate your distinctive difference and compelling value proposition.

Learning is never failure. Taking the first step and admitting that you need help is a strength, not a weakness.