Past Webinars

The Human Side of Healthcare Consolidation and Affiliation: Two Webinars

with Steve Gelineau, Virginia Tyler, Brandon Klar and Dr. Ken Cohn

Webinar 1: The Human Side of Affiliation and Consolidation: What You Need to Know Now

Thursday, May 8, 2014 (Completed)

Learning objectives:

  • Context: key features of affiliations and consolidations in 2014
  • What affiliations can do and do not do
  • A call to action: developing your three-step action plan

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The Human Side of Healthcare Consolidation and Affiliation: Two Webinars

with Steve Gelineau, Virginia Tyler, Brandon Klar and Dr. Ken Cohn

Webinar 2: A (More) In-Depth Approach to Assuring Success and Avoiding Pitfalls in Affiliation and Consolidation

Tuesday June 10, 2014 at 12:00 to 1:00 pm eastern time (Completed)

(See Webinar 1, below)

Participants will learn:

  • Context: when things go wrong
  • Tips for engaging your key stakeholders
  • Avoiding the five pitfalls that sabotage success

To listen to a replay of the show, please click here.

To download a pdf of the slide-show, please click here.


Presenter Bios:

Steven GelineauStephen Gelineau Mr. Gelineau is a senior vice president at The Camden Group and a seasoned healthcare strategic advisor who specializes in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, including hospital affiliation feasibility studies and healthcare system formation. He has strong expertise in strategy development and implementation, leadership structure alignment, hospital-physician integration, service line strategy, and medical staff planning issues. 


Virginia TylerVirginia Tyler Smith Ms. Tyler is a senior advisor with The Camden Group and has more than 20 years of professional experience in the healthcare industry.  She specializes in strategic planning and program development, mergers, and service line planning.  She also has significant experience as a facilitator working on organizational development issues with senior management teams. She has strong expertise in board development, acute care strategic planning, provider network development, organizational consolidations and mergers, and ACOs.


Brandon KlarBrandon Klar Mr. Klar is senior manager with The Camden Group and specializes in strategic and business planning advisory services, including medical staff development, physician alignment, service line planning, master facility planning, and transaction work (e.g., mergers, acquisitions, affiliations, joint ventures).  He is strong in leading system-wide strategic planning and medical staff development functions, including post-merger integration processes, and service line program development and master facility planning.


Ken CohnDr. Ken Cohn To the best of his knowledge, Dr. Cohn is the only general surgeon/MBA in the US who speaks, consults, writes, and teaches about physician-hospital relations. Using real-life stories from his work in 43 states, he demonstrates ways that collaboration improves retention and clinical and financial outcomes. Dr. Cohn has been mentoring physicians in leadership development over a decade, finding that they enjoy learning from a fellow practicing physician.