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Collaborative Physician Development

My inspiration for “Collaborative Physician Development” came from Lee Ann Jarousse’s recent article  in Hospitals and Health Networks. I agree wholeheartedly with her premise: Physician engagement is paramount as hospitals and health systems navigate the transition from volume to value. But engagement alone won’t be enough to ensure organizational success. As the hospital field tackles clinical […]

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Collaborative Expertise

I entitled this post “Collaborative Expertise” in deference to Syd Finkelstein’s post entitled “The Problem with Relying on Experts.” Professor Finkelstein, who taught me strategy and mergers and acquisitions in the Tuck MBA program, has been the source of many good ideas since I met him in 1996. He makes the point that although we […]

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Collaborative Communication

I smile that I am writing about collaborative communication because in residency, if someone had predicted that I would be teaching physicians about leadership development, especially relationships, team-building, and communication, I would have answered, “Sorry God, you have the wrong actor.” Yet, I had a wonderful time last week with physicians and their COO, talking […]

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Collaborative Constancy

I decided to write about collaborative constancy after reading that CEO changes are occurring more rapidly at hospitals across the country. A study conducted by the American College of Healthcare Executives found the average tenure for a hospital CEO is 5.6 years, while the turnover rate for the position averaged 17% in 2012 and 16% […]

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A Tribute to My Mentor, Tom Atchison

The reason that I have chosen to write a tribute to my mentor, Tom Atchison is that he has helped me in so many ways to serve the needs of hospitals and healthcare systems to improve care for their communities. Tom has an innate ability to simplify complex processes.  He sums up hospital-physician relations as […]

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Medical Unsustainability

I talked with a management team recently about the marital counseling that they asked me to do last year to keep their surgeons from fragmenting as the hospital negotiated insurance contracts.  In retrospect, problems began years before, when the hospital employed group members under a contract that measured and rewarded only individual productivity, to which I obtained […]

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21st Century Musings on Physician Engagement

In The Winds of Turbulence: A CEO’s Reflections on Surviving and Thriving on the Cutting Edge of Corporate Crisis, Howard Putnam wrote that turbulence is inevitable- misery is optional.  We may not control the events that overtake us, but can influence our responses by what we think, say, and do. I enjoyed reading William Jessee’s […]

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