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Dr. Kenneth Cohn

Dr. Kenneth Cohn

Dr. Cohn works with physicians and hospital leaders who want to work more interdependently to boost revenues, cut expenses, and improve clinical outcomes.

Recent speaking topics

  • Engaging Physicians to Cut Costs and Maintain Quality
  • The Impact of Physician Behavior on Quality and Safety
  • The Zen of Physician Engagement
  • The Playbook for Partnering with Hospitals
  • 21st Century Healthcare Economics: How Will My Practice Change?
  • Building a Culture of Collaboration
  • Moving From Me to We in Uncertain Times

Client comments

Thanks for your tremendous contribution to our retreat this past weekend. I have had several people mention how informative and useful your presentation, “Physician-Hospital Integration: Moving from Me to We,” was to them, especially in light of the changes we are seeing in our industry and in relation to where we are with our strategic imperatives.

In addition, your interaction with our Board and Medical Staff leadership throughout the conference was both noted and appreciated. We could not have registered the level of success achieved without you.- G. Mark O’Bryant, President & Chief Executive Officer, Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Inc.

Dr Cohn is an expert on physician and management collaboration. His presentation was a perfect fit for our group: dynamic, practical and packed with insight into how to overcome barriers and use new approaches to align ourselves for better outcomes and improved relationships.

Some of the comments were: “Very Energetic Speaker”; “Great Communication Tips”; “Great Presentation”; “The information and the way it was presented by Dr Cohn were thought-provoking and interesting”; “Great Motivator”; “Provided very useful info and insight in an entertaining way” ; “Wonderful! And very thought provoking info”; “Wow, thank you for this growth opportunity” ; “Great Speaker and very knowledgeable and well versed” ; “Very engaging.” – Janet Pursley, RN, BSN, MBA, Mercy Advanced Health Management Institute Executive Director

My greatest appreciation for your participation in the Physician Summit! You delivered beautifully! I have heard great compliments about your ‘down to earth’ style and ‘to the point’ message you brought. The doctors connected with you and were able to see themselves in it. The stories were perfect! I couldn’t be more pleased!
Herdley O. Paolini, Ph.D., L.P., Director, Physician Support Services, Florida Hospital

Better Communication for Better   Collaborate for Success!  The Business of Healthcare

Dr. Cohn is an internationally recognized thought leader in physician-hospital relations.  His books, Better Communication for Better Care (2005), Collaborate for Success! (2006), and The Business of Healthcare have sold thousands of copies.

Getting it Done

Getting it Done

His latest book, Getting It Done, profiles healthcare heroes who battled the status quo, broke down barriers, and improved care for their communities.

Dr. Cohn’s article, “The Tectonic Plates Are Shifting: Cultural Change vs. Mural Dyslexia,” won the Dean Conley Award in 2009 from the American College of Healthcare Executives for the best article in a healthcare management publication.

His expertise in physician-hospital collaboration has led to invitations to conduct seminars and facilitate board and medical staff retreats in 41 states and in England, Italy, Sweden, and China.

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Steps we can take NOW to engage physicians and improve care for our communities:

Member National Speakers Association

  • Encourage practicing physicians to articulate future clinical priorities
  • Include doctors who are users of radiology, anesthesiology, pathology, and emergency services to draw up contract specifications and monitor performance
  • Map out steps of policies and procedures to improve effectiveness and refine handoffs, especially when people say, “I need another FTE.”
  • Have the Chief Information Officer and programmers round periodically with physicians to learn their IT needs and frustrations

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