Healthcare Speaking / Retreat Facilitation

Ken keynoting the AUPHA Annual Meeting

Ken keynoting the AUPHA Annual Meeting

When you need someone for healthcare speaking / retreat facilitation who can bring healthcare professionals together in an entertaining manner, Dr. Kenneth Cohn is an experienced speaker on healthcare topics and member of the National Speakers Association.  He weaves decades of experience into a memorable presentation using personal and professional anecdotes that facilitate interaction and discussion and pave the way for future progress.

Dr. Cohn has given keynote addresses, facilitated medical staff and Board retreats, spoken at conferences, and offered seminars for more detailed learning.

Dr. Kenneth Cohn has spoken at the following healthcare conferences:

American College of Healthcare Executives:

Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians Seminars

  •  August 11-12, 2014, Washington, DC
  •  Mr. Peter Pavarini, co-presenter, including 3 hours of discussion of clinical integration models and implementation strategies

Speaking Topics


Client Comments on Dr. Cohn’s Healthcare Speaking / Retreat Facilitation

Our physician leaders and executives enjoyed your discussion on physician engagement, financial collaboration, and hospitalist integration. By using the concepts you introduced, there is tremendous potential to improve care and relationships at Aultman.

William Wallace, M.D., President, Medical Staff
Aultman Health System

Just to acknowledge the high degree of appreciation I had with respect to your presentation, “Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians.” I was able to take away some excellent concepts and ideas and was much better off for having attended. I really enjoyed your presentation style. Not only was your thorough knowledge of the subject very evident, your enthusiasm and passion manifested themselves throughout your presentation. Of particular note, were the various literary references and storytelling that you utilized to make points much more vividly for the listeners. Again, thanks, and hopefully I will see you in another presentation in the future.

Gary Keller, CEO
Lafayette Hospital

I hesitated to sign up for Dr. Cohn’s seminar Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians because I thought that it would be like all the rest: general principles, outdated statistics, and platitudes.

Was I surprised! Dr. Cohn is a practicing surgeon and passionate educator who shows case reports of revenues rising, expenses decreasing, and clinical outcomes improving when hospital leaders and physicians use specific techniques that he covers in his two-day seminar.

Dr Cohn discussed physician advisory groups, physician champions, medical staff models, recruitment and retention, and engaging physicians who do not want to be engaged with easy-to-remember case presentations and entertaining anecdotes. He and his practicing physician co-presenter made it easy to interact, reflect, and learn in a safe setting.

What differentiates this course from others became immediately apparent: Dr. Cohn and his co-presenter gained their wisdom through real-life experience – taking disparate groups of administrators and physicians and guiding them to success with tools and techniques that are built to endure. The approximately 200-page binder will be a treasure trove of action ideas for years to come.

I strongly recommend Dr. Cohn’s seminar to all health care administrators and physician leaders.

Ellen Guarnieri, FACHE, Strategic Consultant
Robert Wood Johnson Health System

I give Dr. Kenneth Cohn my highest recommendation as an educator, speaker, and contributor for any group of physicians, executives or other healthcare professionals.

With clarity and levity, Dr. Cohn delivered a powerful keynote addressing relevant issues, such as physician frustration, physician leadership, and change management. His positive reinforcement of the physician’s journey was truly encouraging, and his expertly researched oratory kept the audience engaged.

All of the participants agreed or strongly agreed that the presentation content was impactful and relevant and that Dr. Cohn was able to effectively communicate the material and hold the interest of the audience.

Dr. Cohn attended and actively contributed to each aspect of our course, not just as a keynote speaker but as a true faculty member. I am delighted that Dr. Cohn has agreed to be our keynote speaker at our upcoming conferences.

Bonnie Simpson Mason, MD
Founder & President
OPM Education

It has been my honor and privilege to have engaged Dr. Cohn on behalf of two healthcare clients.

Dr. Cohn distinguished himself by his willingness to work within an incredibly tight timeframe, through his approachability and zestful enthusiasm, by his mastery, expertise and knowledge of medicine, entrepreneurship and business, and through his honesty, sincerity and candor.

Dr. Cohn is a most talented physician and a person who inspires and motivates. I believe any organization could benefit from his wealth of knowledge, talent and ability. I know he will help countless others through his wise counsel, giving them opportunity, encouragement and support, as well.

Sheryl A. Garelick, Vice President, Client Services
Husebo Advertising & Public Relations

Dr Cohn is an expert on physician and management collaboration. His presentation was a perfect fit for our group: dynamic, practical and packed with insight into how to overcome barriers and use new approaches to align ourselves for better outcomes and improved relationships.

Some of the comments were: “Very Energetic Speaker“; “Great Communication Tips”; “Great Presentation”; “The information and the way it was presented by Dr Cohn were thought-provoking and interesting”; “Great Motivator”; “Provided very useful info and insight in an entertaining way”; “Wonderful! And very thought provoking info”; “Wow, thank you for this growth opportunity”; “Great Speaker and very knowledgeable and well versed”; “Very engaging.”

Janet Pursley, RN, BSN, MBA
Executive Director
Mercy Advanced Health Management Institute

Please accept my sincere thanks for your guidance and assistance with our retreat last month. You did a great job engaging the physicians, administrators, and Board members who were present. Since the retreat, we have in progress: Individual quality projects from each member of the Medical Executive Committee, Leadership rounds, and a Quality Conference run by our CEO to spread the word and engage all of our healthcare professionals in improving quality.

As I wrote in a follow-up letter to my colleagues: “Quality and patient safety remain our primary focus. Our goal is to become a top 10% hospital. Dr. Kenneth Cohn facilitated several inspirational meetings geared toward creating a culture of quality and underscoring the importance of physician engagement.”

We look forward to staying in touch with you to achieve our aims.

Steven Wolinsky, DO
Medical Staff President
Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

My greatest appreciation for your participation in the Physician Summit! You delivered beautifully! I have heard great compliments about your ‘down to earth’ style and ‘to the point’ message you brought. The doctors connected with you and were able to see themselves in it. The stories were perfect! I couldn’t be more pleased!

Herdley O. Paolini, Ph.D., L.P., Director
Physician Support Services
Florida Hospital

Thanks for your tremendous contribution to our retreat this past weekend. I have had several people mention how informative and useful your presentation, “Physician-Hospital Integration: Moving from Me to We,” was to them, especially in light of the changes we are seeing in our industry and in relation to where we are with our strategic imperatives.

In addition, your interaction with our Board and Medical Staff leadership throughout the conference was both noted and appreciated. We could not have registered the level of success achieved without you.

I certainly look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.

G. Mark O’Bryant
President & Chief Executive Officer
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, Inc.

The Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Medical Staff and Board of Directors held a joint meeting recently to explore options in the changing healthcare finance landscape. Dr Cohn’s presentation “Making Sense of Healthcare Reform” provided important information on healthcare reform, implications of Accountable Care Organizations, and ways to provide more coordinated, cost-effective care for our community.

Participants commented: “Dr Cohn is an excellent speaker”; “Valuable discussion”; “Interesting, thought provoking”; “Move forward with ideas presented;” “Well done, need more.” Dr. Cohn can be a valuable resource to any organization interested in preparing itself for an uncertain but no doubt challenging future.

Daniel Rissi, MD
VP/Chief Medical and Clinical Operations Officer

Thank you for the excellent presentations you gave on October 12th & 13th. You connected with our staff on many levels, concerning the importance of communication and collaboration between physicians and the hospital. I know that Dr. Joel Feldman, our Chief of Surgery, wants to engage your talents for a unique, dedicated surgeons’ retreat.

Physicians, from St. Vincent Indianapolis, St. Vincent Carmel, St. Vincent Heart Center, St. John’s Hospital, Anderson, Seton Specialty Hospital Indianapolis, and St. Joseph in Kokomo, benefited from your presentation as a surgeon and a businessman. Administrators & board members appreciated your perspective on hospitals and health care in general.

James L. Nevin Jr, MD, FACEP
Medical Staff President

Thanks so much for speaking at the IHA Annual Meeting. As an expert on physician and management collaboration, your presentation was a perfect fit for the physician track at our annual meeting. It was practical and provided insight into how to overcome barriers and use new approaches to align hospitals and physicians for better outcomes and improved relationships. Attendees commented on the relevance and high value of your presentation. Your presentation provided very useful and thought-provoking information. It was what they needed to hear.

Art Spies, Senior VP
Iowa Hospital Association

You are the “can do” physician trainer and consultant. Your ability and willingness to step in at the last minute and deliver a great presentation was truly appreciated and impressive.

Steven Babitsky, President

Dr. Cohn’s participation in our recent Medical Staff Leadership Retreat exceeded my expectations. From the moment that we engaged his services, he actively sought to understand our system, our physicians, and our priorities in order to craft a program that was very effective in engaging the physicians and administrators to work collaboratively during challenging times toward a common vision. Our physicians found Dr. Cohn to be “very knowledgeable” and appreciated his “excellent examples” and “nice, conversational approach”. We are now moving forward to create a Hospital Physician Compact and following through on the priorities that we set together at the retreat. I am looking forward to ongoing dialogue and support from Dr. Cohn.

Allison Oprandi, Chief Medical Officer
Aultman Healthcare

Thanks very much for facilitating our medical staff-board-hospital leadership retreat on improving physician engagement. With the looming reimbursement changes effective medical staff engagement is a critical success factor. I was concerned that it would result in more heat than light. However, as a result of your work with us, we now have a working definition of engagement and clear next-steps list to move forward. I thought that the retreat went great and thank you for showing us that others face similar challenges and the practical steps that they have taken to improve care for their communities.

I have followed your work in this area for years and am truly happy that I made the phone call to you last year asking for advice. You lived up to your public persona!

Dale A. Carroll, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President for Clinical Effectiveness
RMH Healthcare

Thanks very much for facilitating our Leadership Retreat. Comments from our participants included: “Excellent presentation. By far, the best we’ve had in years; very powerful to have a doctor with such great presentation skills; bring Ken back to speak again.”

Most importantly, you connected very well with our physicians and Board members both on and off the stage. In this decade of transformation, you gave our physicians hope and helped us convey that we need to work together proactively to improve care for our community. We look forward to your continuing assistance in the future.

John T. Gribbin, FACHE,
President and CEO
Centra State Healthcare System

The audience commented on how your suggestions were so practical and easy to apply to any practice setting. You provided great examples on how to communicate with physicians and how to align organizational goals with their practice. You have exceeded my expectations! I would recommend you to any professional group considering you as a keynote speaker.

Jill Berger-Fiffy, MHA, CMPE
Program Chairperson
Northern New England MGMA

Ken’s expertise has been a great asset to me as I discover and implement deals that create winning situations for hospitals, physicians, and communities. Ken’s framework for exploration and communication has allowed me to look outside the box for winning collaborations in this ever-changing healthcare market.

Demetrix P. Tolliver, MHA, COO
Luling Rehabilitation Hospital

Building a Culture of Collaboration from the Ground Up

Even Jack Welch and Lou Gerstner would find being a hospital CEO challenging because most physicians resist top-down change efforts and prefer inspiration to supervision. Yet, it takes just a few clinical champions to find ways to make their time count beyond individual doctor-patient relationships, and the results can be transformative. Learn how a community hospital:

  • Facilitated its top docs coming to consensus on clinical priorities
  • Cut its death rate from sepsis in half
  • Saved over $4 million on implant costs

Moving from Me to We in Uncertain Times

Pressures to consolidate and reduce costs require physicians and hospital leaders to work more interdependently to improve performance. Using the CRITTERS framework, participants will learn practical strategies to:

  • Develop transparency and trust
  • Foster physician engagement
  • Improve physician-physician communication

Past Speaking Engagements


  • American College of Healthcare Executives
  • Practical Strategies for Engaging Physicians
  • The Pulse of Physician-Hospital Relations
  • Improving Care Transitions
  • Field-tested strategies for physician recruiting, contracting, and retention
  • Johns Hopkins Business of Medicine Program – Better Communication for Better Care


  • American College of Physician Executives, Estes Park Institute, Healthcare Roundtable, Association of Cancer Executives, and Eastern Association of Trauma Surgery on topics related to collaboration, structured dialogue, and burnout
  • Ellison Pierce Symposium, Boston Medical Center, Configuring Operating Rooms for the 21st Century, on topics related to communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution

Keynote/ International Addresses

  • Engaging Physicians to Cut Expenses – The Idaho chapter of the Healthcare Finance Management Association
  • Changing the Landscape via Authentic Physician Engagement – Northern New England Medical Group Management Association
  • Creating Your Own Future: Overcoming Physician Frustration – Florida Hospital
  • Collaborating with Physicians in Uncertain Times – The Yankee Alliance
  • Engaging Healthcare Professionals in Innovation – Sebasticook Valley Hospital
  • Advanced Healthcare Communication and Communication Strategies – Mercy Advanced Health Management Institute, St. Louis, MO
  • Engaging Physicians in Improving Care: A Case-Based Approach – The Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association
  • Crossing the Chasm: Preparing Healthcare Leaders for Interprofessional Practice – The Association of University Programs in Health Administration
  • Bringing Together Future Healthcare Professionals to Build Open and Honest Communication – The First Annual Mark Ryan Healthcare Collaboration Symposium, University of Houston-Clear Lake
  • The Odyssey of Healthcare Communication – Independent Doctors Forum, London, UK
  • Improving Physician-Hospital Relations: Implications for Our Communities – First People’s Congress on Healthcare Communication, Beijing, China
  • Working as a Team and Communicating with Patients in Oncology – Instituto Toscano Tumori, Florence, Italy
  • Medical Staff Models for a Sustainable Future – Missouri Hospital Association
  • Field-Tested Physician Recruitment Strategies – Maine Hospital Association
  • Engaging Physicians in Improving Quality, Safety, and Throughput – Tenet Health System

Client Comments from Educational Speaking Engagements

Ken Cohn is a fantastic speaker and was so engaging. Our members responded very well to his program and sense of humor with the following comments:
“Surprising - refreshing information on doctor/administrator behavior and conflict resolution for future joint success” and “Will help me immensely in my performance in risk management.”

Janine Wall, ARM, AIS, GBA, Director of Marketing
PHT Services, Ltd.

I asked Dr. Cohn to speak at the first classroom session of the University of Minnesota Executive Masters in Health Administration Program because of his deep experience as a clinician and consultant and his ability to connect with senior healthcare leaders.

He guided the class through two cases involving physicians who guided clinical priority setting and a hospital that tithed 1% of annual revenues to support innovation.

My students enjoyed his teaching so much that they asked me to arrange a special supper-time session to ask Dr. Cohn additional questions. The students were unanimous that it was valuable to connect with someone who was both a clinician and leader of organizational change.

I thought that Ken knocked this assignment out of the park and look forward to having him return next year to continue his outstanding teaching in the critically important area of physician-hospital relations.

Daniel Zismer, Director of the UMN Executive Masters in Health Administration Program

I met Dr. Cohn at the AUPHA meeting the summer of 2006. After some quick brainstorming, he and I agreed to a first of its kind Symposium on Interdisciplinary Collaboration. Ken did an excellent job, in a two-hour format, involving in and illustrating the challenges faced by interdisciplinary healthcare professionals in communicating with each other. We had 90 students in attendance from various programs in the Texas Medical Center. We will be sponsoring this program annually and fully expect attendance to grow exponentially.

Dan Martin, Executive in Residence and Interim Program Director
University of Houston Clear Lake at Texas Medical Center

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire membership of AUPHA, I would like to extend our tremendous gratitude for your participation as Pattullo Lecturer at our 2006 annual meeting. While the entire meeting was a rousing success, I heard from many people that your session was the highlight.

It was a genuine pleasure to hear you share thoughts and experience with audience members. Your discussion on the educational chasm, collaboration, and strategies for developing passionate and informed healthcare educators really set the stage for AUPHA moving forward. I am particularly excited about how we as an association can impact quality and performance excellence.

Again, thank you for your wonderful presentation. It was unique and very thought provoking.

Lydia Reed, MBA, CAE, President and CEO

Grand Rounds

Member National Speakers AssociationUniversity of North Carolina, SUNY Stonybrook, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, University of Iowa Medical Center, the Johns Hopkins Business of Medicine Program, and Eastern Maine and Baystate Medical Programs on topics relating to physician frustration and leadership strategies