Strategic Partner: Dr. Lynn Helmer

Dr. Lynn Helmer

Dr. Lynn Helmer

Lynn Helmer, MD, FACP, MBA, FACPE, exemplifies the concept of physician executives as leaders. She combines a strong background in clinical internal medicine with an advanced business degree and additional training and experience in the world of quality management. Her career to date includes years of private practice, experience in an academic setting, combining teaching, practice and clinical research, several positions as a senior hospital executive and ongoing volunteer clinical practice and leadership in healthcare related non profit work.

Dr. Cohn and Ms. Helmer share expertise in engaging physician practices to adopt and use health information technology.

Currently she is the president of DRD Consulting, Inc, a consulting firm focused on executive leadership development, business growth and quality improvement. In its first five years of operations, under Lynn’s leadership, the firm exceeded all growth and volume predictions through a combination of effective marketing strategies, alliances and high-quality delivery of services.

Lynn’s strengths in coaching  and in developing effective teams have led to measurable improvements of quality and business performance in varied venues. Her imagination and creativity have facilitated cost-effective solutions to patient safety and quality-of-care challenges in the healthcare world. Her ability to facilitate strategic planning and team building has led to significant growth and return on investment for her clients.