Vision for Getting It Done

The first blog on this site is a joyous celebration of the birth of a new book, Getting It Done: Experienced Healthcare Leaders Reveal Field-Tested Strategies for Clinical and Financial SuccessGetting It Done celebrates heroes at over sixteen US healthcare organizations who braved the challenges of the status quo to break down silos and improve care for their communities.

The vision for this website is to:

  • build a community of like-minded professionals who feel passionately that we need to do a better job of providing more coordinated, cost-effective care
  • sustain the confidence we need to move forward in the face of uncertainty
  • help fellow healthcare professionals to reconnect with the ideals that attracted them to healthcare careers in the first place, to make a difference in patients’ and families’ lives

Please join me in moving from doing more with less to collaborating to using our existing resources more efficiently and effectively.  The work that we do in the coming year can shape healthcare delivery for the next two decades.

Please visit this website frequently and notify friends and colleagues to contribute their insights as well to this discussion.

Kenneth H. Cohn

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