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Collaborative Benefits

I entitled this post “Collaborative Benefits” as a tribute to Barry Ronan’s excellent post, The tangible benefits of physician engagement. Mr. Ronan, who is the CEO of Western Maryland Health System, assembled a 12-member physician advisory group, to exchange ideas, concepts, issues and  complaints  to  prepare the medical staff to participate in value-based care delivery. Topics that the President’s […]

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Collaborative Physician Engagement

I entitled this post “Collaborative Physician Engagement” when I learned that the Advisory Board’s Annual Health Care CEO Survey of 157 C-suite executives rated engaging physicians in cost and quality improvements as their best opportunity to improve performance. Survey respondents were twice as likely to rate physician engagement as their best opportunity to improve performance compared with […]

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Collaborative Reality

Recently, Jeff Goldsmith commented in H&HN Daily that physicians and hospital executives are like Mars and Venus, alluding to John Gray’s book about differences between men and women. Collaborative Reality: Where We Agree I agree with his points that in general we physicians are:  competitive and empirical caring about the people and families we care […]

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Collaborative Learning: Ebola

I entitled this post Collaborative Learning: Ebola because I empathize with the Presbyterian Hospital ED physician who sent patient Thomas Eric Duncan home initially. Unfortunately, this is how we learn to take a better history, do a more complete physical exam, and improve our diagnostic accuracy, by making mistakes, owning up to our shortcomings, and resolving […]

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Collaborative Succession

Collaborative Succession represents the first time that I have written about a person in the news on the basis of one news article, but there was something in Owen Covington’s “What the new Moses Cone chief will focus on as he prepares to lead the hospital,” that drew me in and stimulated me to write […]

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Collaborative Physician Engagement News

Three posts this week provided the inspiration for Collaborative Physician Engagement News. I.  In Addressing Physician Engagement, Chris Van Gorder, CEO Scripps Health, San Diego, CA, said:  Engagement has not been an issue for us. Maybe it is because we have a physician leadership cabinet that we established 14 years ago where all of our elected chiefs […]

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Collaborative Stepping Stones

I chose the title “Collaborative Stepping Stones” based on an excellent article by Molly Gamble in which Dr. Marc Bard said: Anyone looking at the ACO and saying that it will or won’t be the end-game for healthcare is missing the point.  It’s an evolutionary stepping stone in building a system of care. Marc wrote  Accountable Care Organizations: […]

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Collaborative Cardinals

The inspiration for this post on collaborative cardinals came from How to Pick the Next Pope by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz based on the following insight:  The pope’s job is vastly different than the ones done by cardinals, just as the CEO role is nothing like those of C-Level executives…. He has to decide on all sorts […]

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Bracing for an Uncertain Future

Richard Clarke, President of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, wrote a great editorial on bracing for an uncertain future in Modern Healthcare, January 16, 2012, page 23.  Briefly, he predicts that because of the political stalemate in Washington, the majority of the entitlement cuts will be borne by healthcare providers.  I would like to focus on […]

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