Dangers of Lawn Care Chemicals in Virginia Beach

Many people have large lawn adjacent their houses. So, they always want to take care of their lawn by applying numerous types of chemical compounds. But you will have to understand the hazard comes with these lawn care fertilizers and pesticides. There are many kinds of health hazards related to these chemicals and these can also damage the health of human being and our ecological system as well. So, as a homeowner, you should know the basics of it and try to reduce the danger of these chemicals.

What are the lawn care chemicals?

Actually, they are more like mere fertilizer. These chemicals can kill the weeds, insects and other kinds of dangerous species of your lawn area. These chemicals formulate with carbamates, phenoxy, organophosphates, benzoic, organochlorines and all.

Do these chemicals create hazard to the health of human being?

Pesticides are actually meant to control the weeds and insects of your lawn area. These are toxic in nature. These types of chemicals can kill pests. So, they are very much poisonous for human beings. They are very much hazardous for living organisms. Apart from a human being, these chemicals are highly hazardous for the lives of the green plants, pets, wildlife and all. The 50 to 99% formula of a chemical may actually be more toxic in general.

The research shows that MCPP is known as the most widely used pesticide. MCPP can cause cancer, birth defects and other kinds of problems.

Our exposition to lawn care chemicals:

Poisons are basically absorbed through the skin and mouth. Apart from these, breathing sprays vapor and dust can also be the reason behind this. You may also be exposed to the chemicals if you touch the contaminated grass, clothing, lawn furniture, shoes and all.

Children and pets are in high danger because of these chemicals. Their internal organs are still developing and maturing. So, these kinds of hazardous chemicals can damage the children and pets rather than adults.


Pesticides contain arsenic and it can increase your risk of cancer. This is very much risky for agricultural workers. They have chronic exposure rather than the average persons.


Herbicides are another source for our concern. Herbicides contain glyphosate chemicals. Herbicides also increase the risk of cancer.


It contains nitrates. You can find it in your drinking water. In the agricultural area, it is more common and natural. There are many people who use the water of the well.

Poisoning of pesticides:

You may suffer with chronic health effects such as:

  • Sweating
  • Fatigue
  • Slow pulse rate
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Confusion
  • Loss of coordination
  • Headache
  • Coma

Protect yourself:

You can protect yourself by following some tips. These are such as follows:

  • You can simply avoid the exposure by the limited use of these types of hazardous chemicals. Apart from this, for more protection, you should use gloves and masks at the time of using these types of hazardous and dangerous chemicals.
  • Those women who are pregnant and especially the children and pets should avoid exposure to the chemicals.
  • You should also avoid your spending time just after your Lawn Service has finished applying lawn care chemicals and you should restrict or limit your relaxing time at lawns just after the application of such hazardous chemicals.
  • You will have to check the description and ingredients of the products and follow the instruction of usage as well.
  • It is very much helpful and efficient if you put this work on the shoulder of a professional.

So, you can see that applying lawn care fertilizers and pesticides are very much dangerous for our health and it is dangerous for your child as well. So, you should take care of some necessary steps before applying these hazardous chemicals. You can also take the help of natural landscape maintenance program. It can also give you a healthy life and lawn as well. Healthy lawns can provide you a pest and weed-free environment. So, you do not need to apply these kinds of hazardous chemicals to remove pest and weed. You can take help to the natural lawn care treatment in order to enrich the health of the lawn and you as well. There are many professionals who can do this type of natural landscape maintain. It is better to give them the whole responsibility.